"design your world and create your own space"

Your home is a place where, above everything else, you should have peace of mind. Your environment mirrors who you really are and what you think about yourself. It needs things that represent you and where you have been.

My objective is to create a really bright, view-oriented expansive place which expresses your individuality, I create a place for you where you can relax, enjoy your dinner, read a book, do all the things that you like to do in complete comfort. A home where music, books, and collections are organized according to your needs: I choose a sound solution for you.

The contemporary home takes shape from lifestyles in continuous evolution. I like a house which expresses harmony and I like the freedom to choose a classic elegant style as well as an unusual and informal style.

Style consists of a mix of elements: the warmth and natural look of the wood against the original design of geometrical shapes, glossy lacquered and wide surfaces, using light and colour to create a visual effect.

Wood is a key material for me, because its glow humanizes a space.

Do you like the modern classic Italian style, a designer loft with a minimalistic look or do you prefer shades of ochre and terracotta in a Mediterranean ambience? I let your dream to become real and you will enjoy your elegant new surroundings.

Published on  17.07.2011